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Janitorial Supplies | Cincinnati, Ohio

For 75 years, Mailender has been providing janitorial supplies to the Greater Cincinnati (Ohio) market. 

When purchasing janitorial supplies in Cincinnati, Ohio - businesses too often sacrifice product quality in an effort to save money, when a better-functioning, more cost-effective solution may exist. Cheaper Cincinnati janitorial supply products can cost more time and money in the long term if they aren't suited to their function and environment. We use our decades of industry and product knowledge to work with our clients to develop recommendations for products that are both cost- and labor- effective.

An incredibly diverse supply of Cincinnati janitorial supplies products, as well as specific industry knowledge of each Cincinnati janitorial supplies product, ensures that our customers are getting exactly the janitorial supply products they need in the Greater Cincinnati, Ohio region. We provide our clients the right Cincinnati janitorial supplies, at the right price, and make sure you know how to use them effectively and efficiently:

Can Liners
We supply can liners from manufacturers like Heritage Bag, Berry Plastics and Pitt Plastics to make sure that you get the best can liners for your application: durable, functional, and economical.

Cleaning Supplies
We offer a wide array of cleaning products from Spartan Chemical, Diversey and others to ensure that our clients will get the best cleaning supply products for their needs.

Janitorial Products
We supply all the tools, accessories, equipment, and parts that keep janitorial staff well equipped to manage all cleaning tasks efficiently. Factory certified distributor technicians are on hand to provide stellar customer support.

Washroom Supplies
By offering a deep and broad supply of sanitizers, soaps, tissues, towels, dispensers, and urinal pucks, we supply everything you need to keep a clean, healthy, and attractive washroom environment.

Floor Mats
We supply floor mats to suit any client-specific need, from safety mats, to padded mats, to eco-berber mats.

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